The Advanced AI Fever Screen

Advanced AI Fever Screen is an Artificial Intelligence Solution for Covid-19-screend access to commertial, industrial and office space. The system detects the most common indicator of COVID-19, namely high body temperature.
Advanced AI Fever Screen is designed for temperature screening at high speed. Combined with the alert module it is an easy to use solution ensuring both compliance with the Government regulations and an effective limiter of Covid-19 spread

The Advanced AI Fever Screen
Contactless temperature measurement at access points
  • Automatic register of entrants and temperatures on entry as per regulations
  • Blocked access for entrants with temperature out of target
  • Intelligent mobile and desktop alerts as required
  • Detection accuracy up to ±0.3°C
  • Record of contacts and access


The Advanced AI Fever Screen will effectively limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus within your company and amongst your valued employees.

AI Module

The AI module marries the individuals face to the biometric or other access control input and measures body temperature. The individual’s temperature is measured before they reach the access point and in the case of an abnormal temperature they are prevented from entering by blocking the access control system.


The system can be customised to the sepcific environment ensuring an effective and robust solution.


Reports can be automatically generated enabling the identification of both at risk individuals and all of those in contact with them on entering in the previous days or weeks.