Additional Professional Services to Mitigate COVID-19

Advanced Health Care Services and Systems require a distinct influence of a high level of professional services that can complement and sustain the entire above list of products and services.

The Advanced Decontamination and Sanitisation Program is a consultancy program where we work closely with a client in order to establish a suitable and sustainable COVID-19 mitigation program. This program includes the assessment, planning, procedure, implementation and measuring. This program is ideally suited for clients that wish to establish their own programs.

The Advanced Training Programs cover a broad spectrum of training courses (short courses, on-site and online) that are relevant to the mitigation of COVID-19. Additional courses are longer and certified courses that cover a variety of subjects such as hazardous chemical substance management; operational risk management; job safety analysis; fundamentals of risk assessment; health and safety representative; incident investigation; full range of risk management courses (Part 1 – 4); root cause analysis; etc.

The Advanced Protocols allows us to write Protocols and Standard Operating Procedures for our clients for a range of services and applications for the mitigation of COVID-19. These Protocols and SOP’s are based on World’s Best Practices where relevant.

The Advanced Awareness Program is designed to heighten awareness of COVID-19 as well as a range of viruses that we have to contend with in the working environment and how to establish a working environment, irrespective of the industry, that offers the highest level of health safety for workers.

The Advanced Auditing Services is designed to audit clients in the various stages of implementation of COVID-19 programs to ensure that they meet international standards and are maximised for efficacy and prevention of contamination of COVID-19. The auditing services also include auditing to ensure compliance for the range of ISO Standards as regards SHEQ Management Systems.

The Advanced Business Continuity Model is designed to assist companies in addressing issues that threaten the sustainability and continuity of the business and how to mitigate these issues and follows the writing of a business continuity program for implementation. The program includes the implementation and the measuring of the program for a lengthy period. Because of COVID-19, this is now more relevant in the business environment than ever before.