Decontamination Trailer

The Advanced Decontamination Trailer was so designed to ensure that it is a complete stand-alone decontamination operation requiring only the operator. The Advanced Decon Trailer is manufactured in two models, the one offering a 250 litre tank and the other a 500 litre tank that holds the Advanced VITA.
The total application rate is 7 l/min @ 200 bar to ensure that we achieve the most effective misting pattern for sensitive areas and an efficient and practical pattern for spray operations. The design of the Advanced Decon trailer is modular in concept to allow a range of customised options that are client dependent.

Decontamination Trailer


Advanced Vita

250 Lt & 500 Lt tanks filled with Advanced VITA

Hose Reel

100m hose on hose reel (2nd hose reel as option)

Hawk Pump

Petrol engine with Hawk pump

200 bar Pressure

7Lt/min @200 bar


Customization on request

VITA for life

Designed to be used with Advanced VITA