Dodgy hand sanitiser sprayed by SA stores could cause rashes – even hallucinations

  • Some South Africans are reporting rashes from exposure to hand sanitiser dispensed at store entrances.
  • There are concerns that some of these products may not include the right kind of alcohol and the wrong mix of emollients.
  • To avoid these problems, arm yourself with your own sanitiser – or wear latex gloves – on your next trip out.
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Under lockdown, any trip to the shops means loads of hand sanitiser being spritzed on your hands.

However, not all hand sanitisers are created equally – and stores might be relying on dodgy products that could hurt your skin.

Business Insider SA has received some reports from people who have developed rashes and other symptoms after contact with hand sanitisers at store entrances.

By law, all business premises must provide hand sanitiser (with at least 70% alcohol content) for use by customers and employees at the entrance to the store.

The surge in demand for sanitiser means companies are turning to new manufacturers to provide the products. The industry isn’t regulated, and questions are being asked about the ingredients of some of the hand sanitiser aimed for mass use.