Portable Collapsible Shower

Instant decontamination and whole body sanitising.
Portable Collapsible Showers are frequently used in our hazmat operations throughout Africa. These showers are easily assembled and erected and allow thorough decontamination as opposed to sanitising. Primarily, we use these showers for first responders following the decontamination of buildings, shopping malls, hospitals, or any area where our first responders could potentially have been exposed to any Pathogen for extended periods of time.

However, this shower can also be used for sanitising smaller number of people but the flow rates are higher and would be better suited for manual workers who have no qualm about getting damp and wetting their boots. For the first responders who performed the decontamination of sites, the coveralls and Class A hazmat suits are removed, containerised in special containers and then taken for full decontamination before being placed back into operation.

Sanitise…… for good health

Product includes

Quick And Easy Setup

Shower is supplied in zip up carry bag
Takes a very short time to erect (+/- 5 minutes set up time)
Can be erected anywhere for immediate use

Durable and Effective Decontamination

Supplied with a wand for more intense application
Used with Advanced VITA which is 100% safe for whole body sanitising or decontamination
Durably constructed to withstand frequent use