Screening & Testing of employees is part of our solutions-based offer. In this instance, we offer pre and post return to work screening and testing. Our testing is executed by industry professionals. The data interpretation is automated so can be captured on the employees file to be considered with the sanitising and screening process. During the screening process, the employee’s file is updated with each screening and this can be done with our IRCA Global software that is directly linked the employees tag. This ensures that all the relevant data concerning the company’s efforts at mitigating COVID-19 is tracked and recorded on each individual employee’s profile. We have a dedicated protocol and SOP that is immediately action by trained professionals in the event any employee is tested positive for COVID-19 during the screening and testing procedure. In conjunction with the screening and testing, we offer the following services:
Onsite Primary Health and Occupational Health Services
COIDA management and Advisory
Digital Health & Wellbeing
COVID-19 Clinical Aid Referral Hotline