SpraySafe Tunnel

Sanitise mass entrance and exit points using high pressure (60 bar) to create an effective fine mist of Advanced VITA to ensure full body and shoe coverage. Select a tunnel manufacturer that can provide microbial efficacy testing as the main objective is to ensure that every effort is made to mitigate COVID-19.

The Advanced SpraySafe tunnel, if erected correctly and used in accordance with the Advanced SOP, the client will receive a “Statement of Assurance” from DQS, an independent certification body that oversees the Advanced Health Care Services & Systems Program for compliance.

DQS has been commissioned to assess, inspect and audit all processes and solutions offered within the Advanced Health Care Services & Systems “Program”. On full compliance, as with the Advanced SpraySafe Tunnel, the solution receives the Global Conformance Mark (www.gc-mark.com).

Portable Collapsible Shower
SpraySafe Tunnel


Each Advanced SpraySafe Tunnel can sanitise in excess of 430 people per hour whilst ensuring full coverage. The system is completely mobile and self erection is simple and quick. The heart of the operation, the pump, offers the following unique features:

Internal Cooling

Patented internal rinse cooling design to increase pump life


Nickel-plated forged brass manifold

Dual bearing design

Dual bearing design to lower the heat and noise level down to 75 dB

Consistant Pressure

Automatic pressure valve to control the consistency of the pump pressure

Dual analogue timer

Dual analogue timer for exact misting intervals

Full Body Coverage

The full body coverage is achieved in 3 seconds using a 10 nozzle system placed at strategic positions within the tunnel.