Standalone Application Systems

Standalone Application Systems for Sanitising & Decontaminating. These systems are designed as stand-alone sanitising and decontaminating systems. Generally, depending on the model selected, they offer long periods of operation in order to cover large areas, either internal or external environments. These systems offer either or a combination of the following applications:

  • Fogging
  • Misting
  • Spraying

The standalone system is carefully selected in accordance with the clients unique requirements. This is determined through a risk assessment of site and personnel as well as the planned outcomes. The system offer 220 volt operation through to self-driven systems and are either single operator or, for greater efficacy, dual operators. Ideally these systems are for our service teams to operate with but, with the correct overall training for operation and application, clients can also use them for own use.

Portable Decontamination Kits
Standalone Application Systems


For sanitising & decontaminating – Complete with SOP

Skid & Carts

Stihl SR 420 mist blower
Graco 795 Ultra Max II
Graco Ultra 395 PC
Titan 1900 Skid & 1900 Cart

Back Packs

Compressor driven (pneumatic) systems, both 220 volt and self-driven
Comprehensive SCBA systems for back-pack operation


Husqvarna Fogger
ULV Hand Held Fogger
ULV Cab Mounted Fogger
ULV Vehicle Mounted Foggers
Range of Thermal Foggers